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Why the Padibe orphans need our help

The orphans live in Akobi Northern Uganda which has been the site of a bloody, long running civil war which drew officially to a close in 2007, though there was rebel activity long after that.

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel force committed many atrocities on the local Acholi people. The Acholi were cleared from their traditional farms land, income source and rural way of life, and put into Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps for many years.

The results of this include many destitute child headed orphan families, left at the end of the war without even the basic rights of clean water, food and education.

In addition, the local economy was totally devastated so local people do not have money to help.

DO! Came to the assistance of a number of child headed families in 2011 giving them emergency food, building houses on traditional land, clearing and planting one acre with fast growing cassava and bean crops and giving each family 3 chickens and 3 goats so that they could become self–sufficient.

To provide education, so that the youngest orphans do not remain an illiterate peasants.