DO!- Developing Orphans Self sufficiency & Education to SURVIVE & THRIVE.  An  Isle of Man registered charity - Charity number 1145

DO - Developing Orphans © 2017| IOM registered charity 1145

Who are we?

Our motivation as an organisation is to deliver support as an outworking of Christian values in the name of Jesus, to help destitute children so that they do not perish

Membership is open to any individual over 18, or organisation interested in promoting the objects of the charity.

We are a Manx based charity with Manx Trustees.

Our Trustees are:

Our Aim

Our aim is to work with organisations such as the Broadway School in Northern Uganda to help in:

We will also seek to help ‘relieve poverty and financial hardship’ by enabling child headed orphan families to become self sufficient, no longer dependent on any form of aid but able to provide for themselves.

Chair: Pat Wiles


Fran Griffith

Secretary: Pat Wiles

What motivates us?