DO!- Developing Orphans Self sufficiency & Education to SURVIVE & THRIVE.  An  Isle of Man registered charity - Charity number 1145

DO - Developing Orphans © 2017| IOM registered charity 1145

A Manx based charity - Charity number 1145.

DO! - Developing Orphans

Our aim is to work with organisations such as the Broadway School in Northern Uganda to help in:

Our aims are simple - to help orphans through education …

Aim of DO!

Orphans in war regions have an almost impossible task rebuilding their lives...

Why help the orphans?

We are a small charity based in the Isle of Man (charity number 1145) ...

Who we are

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Highlights of the year - 2017

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and individuals who have given generously by cash, cheque, Paypal …